ALUMNI GARDEN – Cheerland Wanchai

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Graduates Used Textbook Transfer Programme

Have you ever thought about how to handle your child’s used textbooks when they graduate from kindergarten?  It would be a waste throwing them into the rubbish bin! Here comes a solution – bring the used books back to our kindergarten and we will give them to whoever needs them. Anyone who would like to get used books should fill in the “Used Book Request Form” with correct book titles and then send the form by fax (25298482) / email ( / contact Ms. Ng 吳艷宜 (25298484). We will try our best to get the request books for you.


Resources of worksheets and past paper

Many parents encounter difficulties when preparing their Primary 1 children for tests and exams because they have no reference about the formats and contents of the exams. We collect the worksheets and past papers from different subjects in order to help our graduates be well prepared for their exams. We will delete the names written on worksheets and past paper to protect our graduates’ privacy. Anyone who would like to apply for the worksheets / past paper, please complete the “Request Form for Worksheets / Past Paper.” Submit the completed form by fax (25298482) / email ( / contact Ms. Ng吳艷宜 / Ms. Wong 王少娟 (25298484). We will try our best to fulfill your request.


Renewal of Personal Information

Our school will send updated news and activity information to our alumni. If there are any changes in residential address, name of school or personal information, please submit the “Parent Contact Information and Preference Reading Form.” The completed form should be submitted by fax (25298482) / email ( / mail to 2/F, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, attention: Ms. Chau鄒愛媚 / Ms. Ng吳倩衡