Funding for Preschool Education & Services

Pre-school Education & Service Funding (Cheerland Nursery Funding)

Funding Objectives

♥ Due to the recent economic turmoil, many families suffer financial difficulties. To ensure that the children can receive services disregarding their family financial situation, our Funding aims to provide partial school fee subsidies, which allows children to stably receive education and childcare in order to have a well-balanced and healthy development.

Target Group

1. Children studying at our nursery / kindergarten

2. Families who are faced with major financial difficulties and with special social needs, but are unsuccessful in applying for the school fee subsidies from the Government or other organizations.

Application procedures

♥ Families should submit an application form detailing their reason(s) for applying and provide proof of family income and expenses. All applications will be reviewed and interviewed by the school’s Principal, and then by our Supervisor for Social Work who will suggest the subsidy amount, and will finally be assessed by the Assistant Director or Director.


♥ For more information, parents can contact the school’s Principal.